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About Chip

Chip Hill is a Kentucky native growing up in Louisville, KY and graduating from U of K in 1996. Chip founded Chill Financial Group to provide resources and solutions for doctors and academics so they could free up time and energy to do what they want to do. Chip focuses on working with doctors and academics because he grew up in a family of educators and physicians, saw the time energy they dedicated to others and wanted help them in turn. 

Before devoting his full-time to Chill Financial Group, Chip was a project manager in Kentucky working with U of K, U of K healthcare, St Joseph's East, University Hospital, KentuckyONE Health, University of Louisville, Baptist East Hospital JCPS, FCPS, Jim Beam, Wild Turkey, JM Smucker and Alltech to name a few.

In addition to being a financial advisor Chip enjoys sports, camping and hiking with his wife and three kids. When not at work you will find him renovating his house, building cabinets/furniture at 100+ year old Bell Ct home in Lexington, KY where he lives.

Chip has a goal of touring the National Parks with his family in an RV.

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