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403(b) and 457 Retirement plans for medical and academic professionals.

 If you work in a Hospital, University or College, you have more choices than most employees in the private sector.  Retirement plan options for medical and academic professionals include state pensions, 403b, 457 or 401k or some combination of the two.

 In this article we take a closer look 403b and 457 retirement plan options. Read More


What is the difference between existing TRS retirement plan and 2018 proposed changes?

I was looking for an older post outlining the proposed changes to Kentucky's retirement system when I came across this website The site goes into great detail about the proposed changes to the teacher's retirement system. One link, in particular, caught my interest, it is a side by side comparison of the existing versus the proposed changes in the Pension Reform Bill. Read More..

How the new tax bill could impact your expenses?

There have been several articles about the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act signed in late December by Donald Trump. We are going to look at overview of the TCJA and how the changes could possibly affect some different wage earners. Read More

5 Steps to Financial Planning: A "Quick Start" To Do List

Congratulations on taking the first step toward your best financial life! 

This is an incredibly exciting decision you've made - and I hope this

"quick start" to do list help you get the ball rolling. Read More